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Dear Helpers & Healers, 

This page has 3 things to make your life easier:
  1. professional resources (freely available!) 
  2. scholarly research and reading to support your clients on the subject of high-control and religious trauma (one of my specialties!)
  3. consulting offerings for you and your colleagues (in case you're curious)
Here's why much of this is freely available:

For anti-rape culture and trauma-sensitive reasons, I don't do email funnels in exchange for "freebies." Of course, you're welcome to consensually join the non-spammy newsletter here. :-)

Bottom-line: THANK YOU for the work you do! My clients and I often refer to y'all as doing "the heavy-lifting" of trauma healing! You deserve all the vacations! 

If you ever want to schedule a coffee or networking chat, let's make it happen!

~ Emily Ann Peterson, MBA, TRLC

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Three Things I Believe About Your Business & Career...

  • Your business can support you with the *same* ease, self-regulation, and skill that you give to your clients.
  • *Time* is your most valuable, non-renewable, externally-sourced, and equitable asset in all of life. 
  • Commerce (not capitalism) is a *powerful* and underutilized tool for dismantling systems of oppression & cycles of trauma.

Professional Resources

for Mental Health Helpers & Healers

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Come back soon for more or send me an email if you'd like to add something!

Mental Health Industry

Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Templates

Religious Trauma 

I've provided my clients with massive (and fascinating!) collection of scholarly research showing its effect on capitalism, business owners, marketing, and gender. However, here is a smaller collection specific to you and your colleagues:

Handy Apps & Software

  • DSM-5 Diagnostic CriteriaAvailable for iOS & Android—This is the official DSM-5® app and it includes up-to-date access to ICD-10-CM codes, video commentary, and a lot more.
  • PAR toolkitAvailable for iOS & Android—This digital toolkit includes tools to help psychologists  administer standardized assessments.
  • Medication GuideAvailable for iOS & Android—The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.
  • DepressionAvailable for iOS—this app includes at least 6 different scales of measurement that can make it easy to access the information needed to assess, treat, and manage your patients' depression and anxiety.
  • uDictateAvailable for iOS—This dictation app was designed specifically for professionals in the medical and legal fields and includes some pretty rad features.
  • APA MonitorAvailable for iOS & Android—Stay in-the-know about what's going on in psychology by finding all of APA's latest content here, including the Monitor on Psychology, podcasts, news and more.
  • Veteran Affairs & The National Center for PTSD—they offer a suite of apps, including a very effective Insomnia Coach. I've listed many of them here.

Assessments & Inventories

I regularly add to this collection of assessments and my clients use them for many reasons (i.e. in-take, tracking progress, etc.) The ones listed below are my go-to's. They're all freely available, not connected to a sales funnel, and backed by troves of scholarly research.

YouTube Playlist for Mental Health Professionals

Psst! Emily Ann's book is here!

Podcast Episodes

My podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, featured some truly wonderful people over the years (2015-2019). Here is an archived collection of some episodes which I think mental health helpers and healers like you might *particularly* enjoy. ;-)

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The Client Calculator

a fierce little bundle of reusable spreadsheets for solving pricing decisions, time management woes & financial strategy support
  • test drive my Masters in Business Administration!
  • answer your client-based finance questions!
  • and walk away with a reusable business tool!
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