Website Checkups

Simple steps & ideas for a business that works *smart,* not hard.

Each Website Checkup includes:

a 45-min private consult & 15-min follow-up with Emily Ann (via Google Meet)

a tailored list of action items and/or website improvements (via Google Doc)

a link to download the replay video (valid for 30 days)

$100 (Solidarity Price)

$150 (Standard Price)

$250 (Pay-It-Forward Price)

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Do you have a website? Do you (secretly) worry that it repels your ideal client?

Or maybe it doesn’t display you or your business' awesome-ness?

Or maybe you want to triple-check things for trauma-sensitivity?

Ideal customers want your BEST first impression

You'll walk away from your 45-min website checkup with quick fixes & simple switch-ups for your business


(I want you walking into the world with confidence, like ^that^ guy!)

Hi, my name is Emily Ann Peterson.

I wrote the #1 bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous. I'm a trauma-informed business coach and consultant to small business owners, Fortune500 corporations, freelancers, and creative visionaries.

Pardon my frankness, but I'm sick of seeing my colleagues with websites that aren't doing anyone any favors, especially their clients. 

You deserve SO MUCH MORE than a wet-blanket website for your creativity and career! Your customers and clients deserve SO MUCH MORE than timidity, second-guessing, and unnecessary triggering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A's for your Q's! Send me an email if your question isn't answered below.

What do I get from a website checkup?

Simply put, you'll get a 45-min private consult and a 15-min follow-up one week later. But you'll also get...

  • a list of simple switches and fix-ups to make to your website.
  • a HUGE amount of fresh ideas to give your business a boost.
  • and possibly a couple other lucrative ideas for growing your creative visions!

Would you be willing to do the checkup for my social media, course, or app instead of my website?

Sure! Just make note of this at the time of scheduling your consult. Please note that 45-minutes might not be enough time to cover every aspect of a course, social media site, or mobile application. If more time is needed, you're always welcome to book an A La Carte session at any time. 

You're not the boss of me. What gives YOU the right to tell me what to do with my website?!

What happens after I schedule my website checkup?

After successfully paying for and scheduling your appointment, you'll fill out the intake form with as much detail as you can muster. Then a secret Google Meet link for your appointment will magically appear in your email inbox. At the appropriate time, you'll click the super-secret link found in your email to begin the video call.

Note: You'll need to be in a quiet-ish place on your laptop or desktop computer, so you can clearly see when I share my screen to discuss your site. 

What happens in a website checkup? How long does this website checkup take? 

Your initial checkup appointment lasts about 45 minutes.

We chat for a 5-15 minutes first about your goals, what you're expecting from your website, etc. Then we'll spend 10-15 minutes diving into your site to discuss the pages on your site. Then the final portion of the website checkup includes your tangible action items, and a simple homework assignment based on what we discovered.

About one week later, we'll have a follow-up appointment which lasts about 15 minutes. At that time, we'll discuss how your homework assignment went and discuss any potential next steps. 

Clients are saying:

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    Emily Ann, you’re amazing! I learned so much and have literally wasted thousands and thousands on other online courses which made so many promises that were not kept. I learned more truly impactful ways to improve my business in an hour with you than I have with others over the course of several months!

    CEO of JLN Cosmetics

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    Emily Ann has an amazing knack for helping people turn their website from a placeholder to a functioning tool for an indie businessperson. She not only got me to change my site, she got me to change my thinking around what I was offering people and helped me see value in things I could offer that I take for granted

    singer-songwriter & founder of the Secret Emchy Society

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    Once I pushed through my own resistance to holding on to my precious website copy, I realized the benefit of Emily Ann’s advice for brevity and power-packed content. I was able to quickly adopt and adapt her advice and I love the results! Emily’s style is friendly, warm, personal, and supportive. She’s “been there, done that” and revels along the way.

    author & coach