Does your next feat of bravery need some tidying before it feels easier? 

My spring cleaning could be your source of courage!

I normally charge $200/hour for my coaching and consulting. But I've noticed this is too pricey for those who might really need my help most crucially. This has always bothered me. I *want* to help you!

Additionally, my email inbox is piling up with many who've sent me "pick-your-brain" kind of questions!  A Tidying Session is just that.

You'll choose your price for your tidying session with me (sliding scale $25-$200) and there's no pressure to ever sign up for another.

What You Get: 

  • a 45-minute phone chat with me (while I tidy up my apartment)
  • an email with any notes, resources, or links mentioned in our call
  • a casual opportunity to ask me whatever you want! 
  • momentum and progress toward your courageous goals 

What We Can Chat About:

  • your next feat of bravery!
  • marketing/business questions
  • career questions
  • time management questions
  • technology questions
  • automate-your-life questions


  • No written materials during the call. It must be something we can do while I tidy. 
  • We’re just chatting on the phone. If our question requires me to read something that you email me then I'll ask you (re)book for a full-price, consulting session.
  • Have realistic expectations. I cannot fix a lifetime of struggle within 45 minutes. I'm flattered that you think I could perform such miracles, but nope. I'd rather you be disappointed by someone else.

This Tidying Session is just you and I chatting for a 45 minutes. That’s all!

How to Get Started: 

  1. If this interests you, simply purchase your tidying session for a minimum of $25. (If you want to pay more, simply add a one-time donation to match the sliding scale of $25-$200.)
  2. When your purchase is complete, you'll receive a link to schedule your 45-min chat with me.
  3. At the time of your tidying session, click the link in the event confirmation email and get ready for awesomeness!

A simple phone call could be the thing that makes or breaks your next feat of bravery!


~ Emily Ann Peterson

Found Director, Peterson Consulting Group

PCG Logo Peterson Consulting Short Legs

p.s. If you think you’ll be able to stay on track, you’re welcome to tidy up your physical space too. As long as we’re both willing to pause and really focus, write notes, etc. when needed, this should go really well.

p.p.s. If you want to record your Tidying Session on your phone or device, go for it! I'll leave the details of this up to you.

p.p.p.s. Big thanks to Tad Hargrave for the idea and push to create something like this!

Limited Spots Available!