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Dear Survivor,

On this page are some of the self-hosted and outside resources that I frequently reference while consulting and coaching with other trauma survivors like you. 

Everything on this page is freely available because:

  1. Religious trauma suuuuuuucks, doesn't it?! If we can stop/slow the cycle of your trauma and boost your business/career/life in the process, then research shows that this has an exponentially positive effect on resolving the world's trauma. Uhh... YES please!
  2. You're my people! I'm always game to throw down a 90's worship song reference and get nerdy about religious trauma.
  3. For anti-rape culture and trauma-sensitive reasons, I don't require an email address in exchange for "freebies." Of course, you're welcome to consensually join our non-spammy newsletter here. :-)

There's so much more where this came from! If you ever want to schedule a coffee or networking chat, let's make it happen!

~ Emily Ann Peterson

Founding Director, Peterson Resilience Consulting

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PS - Feel free to share this page with whomever you'd like or connect with me on LinkedIn!

Books & Recommended Reading

for folks with religious trauma

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Mental Health Resources

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Podcast Episodes

The podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, featured some truly wonderful people over the years. I've collected some of the archived episodes which I think folks with religious trauma might *particularly* enjoy. ;-)

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Podcast Series & Long-Form Stories


It can be extremely freeing and empowering to hear echoes of your own experience in others' stories. It can also be a minefield for triggers. Please carefully listen to your own needs while listening to the stories below. You're also free to send me an email if you'd like help in pre-vetting content. :-)

The Turning: The Sisters Who Left—Thousands of women gave up everything to follow Mother Teresa, joining her storied Catholic order, the Missionaries of Charity. But some found that life inside this fiercely private religious order was not what they’d imagined...

The Other Latif—Throughout this award-winning investigation of Detainee 244 at Guantanamo Bay, Radiolab’s Latif Nasser reflects on American values and his own religious past, and wonders how this prisoner could be his namesake, a fellow nerdy, suburban Muslim kid, yet travel such a strikingly different path...

American Queer—This podcast memoir tells of a gay man's journey out of fundamentalist Christianity into becoming his true self, as told by Kevin James Thornton. (Random fact: Kevin is one of my Nashville neighbors, cool!)

The Opportunist—Each season of this series asks questions like, how does an everyday person turn into a thief, a scammer or a cult leader? Season 1 dives into the story of internet cult leader, Sherry Shriner. Season 2 follows a pharmacist who carried out a decades-long deadly fraud that became the FBI's top priority.

Guru: The Dark Side of Enlightenment—When we face challenges in life, we seek answers from people we believe can help us. When tragedy strikes an exclusive retreat with a self-help superstar, many people are left to wonder: how far is too far? This podcast tells the story of James Arthur Ray who was a celebrity self-help "guru" and an Oprah-endorsed teacher. But friends and family members of his followers questioned his unorthodox methods, and tried to stop him. 

Conviction Season 2: American Panic—When John Quinney was ten years old, he took the stand to testify against his own father. He had come to believe that his dad Melvin was the murderous leader of a satanic cult. It would be decades before John would learn that his family was just one of many...

Podcasts From Our Friends & Niche-mates

I love that these peeps are out there being brave and doing their thing for the world in podcast format! Anything you see is either a podcast I love just-because or hosted by: a personal friend, a beloved colleague, a niche-mates whose work I applaud, or a person/show you might want to know exists in the world! 

The podcasts below are grouped by category and listed in no particular order.

By the way, it would be impossible to endorse every word, every career, or every product represented by these shows. Please use your badass internal-navigation to guide your listening. ;-)

Oh, and if you have suggestions to add to the list, send me an email! 

Happy podcast listening!

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Online Resources

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Outside Resources 

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Scholarly Articles

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