Marketing Map

beta version 1.5; released fall 2021

a business strategy tool for navigating the marketplace to your ideal customers


Digital Worksheets + How-To Videos + 3 Private Sessions: $750

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Designed for entrepreneurial trauma survivors who want:

effective marketing plans that are ethical & authentic
business strategies that feel good & easy implement
day-to-day operations that reflect humanity & respect

Hi! I’m Emily Ann Peterson, a trauma-sensitive business consultant.

Owning & running a business with people-first values can sometimes get messsssssy... because at the end of the day, we're ALL working through trauma.

Business reflects the full spectrum of humanity.

Tools (like maps!) help us navigate it all.

What's inside The Marketing Map?

Customizable & Reusable Worksheets

Instantly download your copy of three (3) digital worksheets and access them via Google Sheets. 

How-To Videos

Every worksheet contains an overview video where Emily Ann walks through everything so you know how to get the most out of your new business tools

Analysis Dashboard 

Pardon the pun, but these worksheets will collect everything from your sessions and graph the data into beautiful works of chART! ;-)

Private Sessions & Instant Scheduling

Upon purchase, you'll receive access to book your 3 sessions in the consulting calendar ASAP! Just check your email for the link.

Year of Updates 

New improvements are made regularly and your purchase includes updated versions for a year. You have lifetime access to whichever version you download—pending our copyright, terms & conditions, of course.

The Marketing Map is For You If:

  • You've had at least 20-100+ previous clients or customers.
  • You can afford this experience without putting yourself or others into financial harm. Payment options available too; email me if you'd like a different solution for your budget, it's very easy to arrange!
  • You are willing to do the solo work before your consulting sessions and/or ask for help.
  • You enjoy puns and laughter.
  • You can handle a little swearing.
  • You are able to respect healthy boundaries.
  • You have a free Gmail account to access Google Sheets. We'll use this platform throughout our 3 consulting sessions.

Four Business Tools in the

The Marketing Map:

  1. quantitative compasses—your historical customer and client numbers, stats, and percentages tell a business story that can make business decisions way easier 
    • "Interesting... 65% of that type of client gets under-billed 100% of the time..."
  2. qualitative compasses—comparing your previous clients' experiences can highlight trends, strengths, or friction points in your business (even if they purchased completely separate products/services!) 
    • "and it sounds like those same clients pushed some trauma buttons..."
  3. trail markers—gaining a clear outline of the "red flags" (aka trigger clients) and "green lights" (aka ideal clients) can provide trauma survivors with a pattern of dependability and security
    • "Hmmm... it looks like those trigger clients share similar warning signs..."
  4. trail guide—a trauma-informed business consultant (like Emily Ann Peterson!) can present ideas for preventative risk reduction, system improvements to your marketing, and all the cool swimming spots too. 
    • "Which path would be best for your business and trauma resolution *today*?"


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Take a Peek Inside:

Your welcome email contains scheduling and download links to get started instantly. Below is an overview of how each worksheet relates to each consulting session so you're fully prepared for every step of The Marketing Map experience.

WORKSHEET 1: Rolling Out The Map

After downloading your copy of The Marketing Map,the how-to video on each worksheet provides an overview of everything you'll need to know. Customize the categories, labels, and add as many classifications as your business needs. Worksheet 1 also includes conditional formatting and ✨automatically updates✨ according your settings designated on the Settings tab. (Fancy!) 

The prep work for your first consulting session is to fill out as much of your client/customer info as possible on Worksheet 1, ideally at least 20-100+ previous customers or clients. Make note of anything that comes up as you remember each transaction.We'll discuss how your first worksheet went and I'll help you create a game plan for making historical data collection as easy as possible. Completing as much of your homework before our first session will maximize the value of your scheduled sessions. 

WORKSHEET 2: Hunting for Flags

In your first consulting session, we'll set up the customized settings for your Marketing Map's flags (e.g. red flags, green flags). With the help of a consultant, discussing previous highs and lows as a people-first business is the when you'll learn to take note of your experiences in a different way! Worksheet 2, like the others, ✨automatically updates✨ according the the settings designated in the Settings tab.

The goal is to collect as many red flags throughout your timeline as possible! (Bonus: Trauma survivors are really skilled at this activity!) This list is personalized to you, your trauma triggers, and your business history. A list like this helps to ensure maximum chill for everyone, you and your clients/customers included! 

WORKSHEET 3: Narrating the Journey

In your second consulting session, we dip our toes into outlining your extended "client stories." By this point, you've made a smaller selection from your larger customer list. For this narrowed selection of customers, Worksheet 3 presents a list of questions to find valuable qualitative information to boost your decision-making. 

Your goal in this process is to identify the common threads within each customer narrative. These patterns might be as simple as "Oh! All of my favorite clients pay with Paypal!" or more nuanced. The how-to video provides an overview of everything else you'll need to know about this step in the process. 

DASHBOARD: For Visual Analysis

As you feed the worksheets more customer data, you'll see this dashboard morph and change. In our third consulting session, we'll take a look at this tab along with your finished worksheets to wrap-up your experience. 

Some clients begin The Marketing Map with specific goals, like new branding concepts or kickstarting content. Whatever your motivation, you'll finish your experience with a long list of fruitful action items and valuable decision points for the future.


In this Settings Tab you'll find all the bits and bobs that will ✨automatically update✨ across the other worksheets. I've also included shortcut links and an (optional) to-do list in case its helpful. There's also a How-To video, so you know exactly what's going on and the best way to use this tab in the Marketing Map.


Access to cold, hard facts (in this case, historical business info) is especially important.

Sometimes our trauma-filtered decisions can have less-than-ideal consequences. Here's how that goes down:

During a trauma survivor's triggered moments, the "Trauma Tadpole" brain—the amygdala—plays emergency warning sirens, but if "Memory Mona"—the hippocampus—gets overwhelmed by those sirens or stuck on a loop, then she stops presenting information or presents incorrect info to our "Notorious RBG"—the neocortex—who is responsible for making logical decisions with whatever information is available.

Empirically-proven information makes it easier for a trauma survivor to avoid building a trauma-triggered, impulsively-constructed business and instead make confident, grounded decisions based on facts.

Reliable information creates a confident, holistic, and value-based business.


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How does it this work? What's involved?

There are 3 steps to harnessing the numbers in these worksheets:

  1. After purchasing your Marketing Map (and agreeing to the legal stuff like my consulting agreement), you'll receive an email with a scheduling link and more detailed directed, including a link to access your digital worksheets.
  2. Your personal copy of the Marketing Map is accessible via Google Sheets. To get started, navigate to the first worksheet and then...
  3. Each tab in your Marketing Map contains a link to a How-To Video where I'll walk you through an overview and general directions for your homework. 

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