Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale


The Holmes & Rahe assessment is a collection of questions about stressful life events. It was created in 1967 to measure the connection between stress and illness. There is a total of 1467 points for all 43 questions.

Holmes & Rahe and subsequent supporting research indicates that if you score...

  • Scores of 300+: At risk of illness.
  • Scores of 150-299: Risk of illness is moderate, reduced by 30% from the above risk.
  • Scores of <150: Only have a slight risk of illness.

Please note that while there is good evidence that chronic stress can lead to ill health, there is not much evidence to support the *ranking* of stressful life events in this manner. Even though this assessment isn't perfect (doesn't leave a lot of room for "grey areas"), this stress scale is still a good starting point for self-learning and building coping skills.

How to Take This Assessment:

  • Your score is immediately calculated upon submission.
  • Your answers are anonymous.
  • If you'd prefer to take the assessment on paper, the scoring and questions are available here on Wikipedia

Take the Assessment Here

- Holmes TH, Rahe RH (1967). "The Social Readjustment Rating Scale". J Psychosom Res. 11 (2): 213–8. doi:10.1016/0022-3999(67)90010-4
- Rahe RH, Arthur RJ (1978). "Life change and illness studies: past history and future directions". J Hum Stress. 4 (1): 3–15. doi:10.1080/0097840X.1978.9934972

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