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Three Things About Your Professional Career...

1) I believe your career doesn't have to feel triggering, overwhelming, and scary.

2) I believe your career can support and empower your continued recovery from trauma. 

3) I've seen and believe that commerce (not capitalism) is a tool with the power to dismantle systems of oppression & cycles of trauma. 


Dear Workplace Warrior,

On this page are some of the self-hosted and outside resources that I frequently reference while working with entrepreneurs like you. 

Everything on this page is freely available because:

  1. Trauma suuuuuuucks, doesn't it?! Let's make it suck less.
  2. You're my kinda people! (I'm a trauma survivor too.)
  3. I am always down to vent about "I can't believe how sneaky my trauma is!" because, I'm right there with you. 

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Emily Ann Peterson

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Peterson Consulting Group

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Career + Trauma?!

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Trauma comes with mental, physical, emotional, and financial effects that are often long-term or even permanent. It can take an extremely long time for a survivor to acknowledge that they experienced trauma and even longer to understand or repair the damage. 

In the meantime, how is a survivor supposed to keep the lights on and pay the bills?!

Trauma can *increase* your risk for:

  • "kindling" (exponentially escalating mental health crises with progressively less extreme triggers and shorter periods of time between crises... uh, yikes.)
  • hypertension/heart disease, diabetes, obesity
  • stroke, cancer, autoimmune diseases 
  • addiction, self-medicating, self-numbing
  • chronic anxiety & panic attacks
  • sleep disorders, night terrors, insomnia, hyper-arousal
  • easily agitated or angered, extreme startle reflex
  • disassociation, over intellectualizing, monotonous voice, spacey
  • cognitive disfunction, poor memory, trouble speaking 
  • excessive or inappropriate guilt
  • intrusive thoughts or memories, flashbacks
  • obsessive and/or compulsive tendencies
  • self-injury, self-harm, high-risk behaviors

Sources: National Center for Biotechnology Information, World Psychiatry, PsychCentral

Your career problems might be trauma symptoms: 

Note: Everyone's trauma is unique. Everyone's career is unique. Your symptoms will show up differently. Here are some I see frequently with new clients:

  • impressive feats of procrastination
  • frequently switching jobs or roles
  • self-sabotaging behavior
  • feast & famine bank accounts
  • constant hustle at the speed of survival
  • bashful self-promotion
  • coworkers or bosses that "walk all over" your boundaries
  • frozen with indecision (aka analysis paralysis)
  • panic attacks at very inopportune times
  • and so much more

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