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/ä lä ˈmōd/ French—a dessert topped with ice cream; adjective—in fashion, up to date; adverb—in a fashionable or modern style

Why Sessions À La Mode?

Consulting is kind of like ice cream; we want what we want how we want it. Sessions À La Mode are the answer to your flexible needs:

  • helpings of support on the side
  • sessions scheduled under a big project
  • special scheduling requests  
  • or extra sprinkles with a cherry on top

Clients often purchase Sessions À La Mode for guidance on a specific or urgent issue, or to spread out scheduling (i.e. quarterly), or to receive additional sessions to plan a big project or busy season (i.e. product launches).

Available in bundles of 1, 3, or 6 sessions—each session, you'll get 1-on-1 attention with our founding director, Emily Ann Peterson

Visit our FAQs for more info on all coaching & consulting sessions.

Sliding Scale Pricing:

$100-300 per session 


Purchase Options:

1 Session 3 Sessions 6 Sessions


3 Steps to Get Started:

Limited Calendar Openings Available!

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Step 2

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Your scheduling link will arrive shortly via an email.You have 30 days to *schedule* any purchased sessions and may book your purchased sessions as far out as my calendar allows.

Step 3

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At the time of your appointments, simply click the link in the event confirmation email to auto-connect with your Google Meet link.



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