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Resumé Review


payment plans available!

45-min Career Coaching

2 Rounds of Resumé Edits

Resumé Refresh


payment plans available!

90-min Career Coaching

2 Weeks of Unlimited Resumé Edits

Trauma is notorious for putting speed-bumps in careers. 

One example of this, the feeling of panic that can result from simply looking at your own resumé. Yikes.

Rewriting resumés can be daunting, triggering, and plain overwhelming.

Those feelings (and the procrastination!) were the reasons I began offering this Resumé Review + Refresh to my career coaching clients. It can help to have an extra-experienced, trauma-sensitive career coach to give feedback on a resumé draft.

But it really helps when that feedback comes from someone with both trauma training + multiple business degrees!

Here's what I mean:

Did you know?! Many trauma survivors possess extremely *desirable* skills that look fantastic on a resumé!

For example, some survivors have a knack for spotting potential problems in ideas or plans.  These "Debbie Downer" skills on some teams, are actually "Resilient Rascal," team-supporting skills, but on the wrong team!

Hiring managers love seeing proof of your skills. They want to know about them—and they don't need to know your history of trauma either! (phew!)

Your resilience skills are *valuable!*

Hello, promotion! Hello, equal compensation!

Many of the trauma resilience skills that survivors possess can prevent costly mistakes for employers. When we can connect the dots for your future employer, this can make your salary negotiation easier! Plus, when hiring managers know about these "soft skills" you're more likely to get placed on a team who respects your skills (see above example). 

There are thousands of resumé writers online. Even the best resumé writer will probably give you a generic resumé. But you aren't generic!

You and I together?! There's a very high chance that we'll find and put your trauma + resilience skills into terms that a hiring manager will adore and expect to compensate.

Let's give it go, shall we?! 


~ Emily Ann Peterson

Founding Director, Trauma & Resilience Career Coach

Peterson Resilience Consulting

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Included in Your Resumé Review + Refresh

  • Instant Appointment Booking: Your career coaching starts right away! The intake form is designed with questions that help us both get in the best mindset right from the start.
  • Collaborative Document: (45 or 90 minutes) We'll open a shared Google Doc, which both of us can access simultaneously. 
  • Edits and Recommendations: (2 Rounds or 2 Weeks) After your coaching session, you'll get a chance to apply what we discussed and receive follow-up feedback to any changes that you made.
  • Trauma-Sensitive Career Coaching: (45 or 90 minutes) Our time together is aimed at figuring out the best way to leverage your employment history, skills, education, and career goals. (and your trauma, if applicable!) We'll squeeze it all onto a 2 pages.
  • Bonus Resumé Resource Guide: a curated collection of video playlist, podcast interviews, articles, and data from hiring managers and bosses—do's & don'ts, best practices, resumé hacks, and job interview tips!

How's your resumé overwhelm?

When trauma survivors feel like they're frozen or floundering it's often the honesty of cold, hard facts and/or a helping hand that can act as a massive life-saver and clarifier.

For many folks, spotting the red flags can prevent decades of job hopping or running on the career treadmill. 

These Resumé Review + Refresh Sessions are for trauma survivors because they deserve to feel like feats of bravery are as easy and automatic as possible. Maybe you or someone you know wants that feeling too?

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Emily Ann Peterson, MBA

certified trauma support specialist, business consultant & career coach

You've got 6 seconds to make an impression(!!!)

That's the average, six seconds or less. (source) or else it goes under a tower of resumés...

Hiring managers are looking for very specific things and the majority of them don't take the time to read every resumé submitted. Your first impression really counts!

So let's get your first impression working *for* you!

That dreamy first impression with a tantalizing 2 pages can be muuuuuch easier to get with an extra pair of experienced eyes and a sounding board for feedback.

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Peterson Resilience Consulting
Janet Haney - author & business owner

“Sometimes we need help to pull away the covering of fear and find the courage to be brave. Sometimes that help is a person: Emily Ann Peterson can be that one. Bravery begins one step at a time. As it’s given the soil of courage and understanding, bravery blooms inside us and becomes large enough to walk under. I needed help to do that, and if you do too, this is the place to start. Bravery can be learned.”

author & business owner


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything I've ever been asked about the Resumé Review + Refresh Sessions and more:

Absolutely not, in fact, I *request* that you keep the details of your trauma for you and your therapist. 

In any coaching or consulting session with clients, we usually discuss generalities (i.e. "Trauma symptoms are..."). Part of my job as your trauma-sensitive career coach is to ask questions in a way that does not trigger you, but instead empowers you to build resilience and add to your capacities to mitigate or cope with your trauma symptoms. 

If you have any other hesitations about this, and you haven't done so yet, you're welcome to book a Meet-N-Greet to get a better sense of how this works in person.

Fret not, perfectionists! (We see you!) These Resumé Review + Refresh Sessions are not the traditional resume rewriting experience. 

This is a collaborative resumé writing and career coaching session via Google Meet, with a chance for some followup edits. Throughout your coaching session there is plenty of opportunity to check-in or speak up about the direction of your resumé and career. 

Although there are not refunds (time is a nonrenewable resource), the prices *do* include edits and recommendations—2 rounds (Review) or 2 weeks unlimited (Refresh). After the included window of edits, if you'd like continued support for your resumé edits, you're welcome to book additional sessions.

Many of our clients get inspired after a session and keep writing or editing—more power to ya!

By all means! Go for it! After booking your first session, just click any one of the purchase buttons on this page again.

The client-wide policy requires that you book your session within 30 days. After 30 days, purchased sessions expire. There's an explanation about why it's done this way in the rescheduling section here.

However, the calendar can fill up quickly, so scheduling sooner is safer for your sake. Your intake form is part of reserving time in the calendar.

Note: Submitting your resumé and the questionnaire *does* need to be completed prior to your session.

In case you like to be extra prepared, here's a break-down of the tech required for your Resumé Review + Refresh Session:

During your coaching session, we'll simultaneously collaborate on a Google Doc during our Zoom video call. Regardless of how you submitted your resumé in your intake form, your document will be in a Google doc format during our call, so it’s good to be a little familiar with how that works.

If Google Docs is new to you, here's a pretty good tutorial if you need it. It’s pretty intuitive for most folks accustomed to Microsoft Word.

If you need your final document in a different format, like .docx, I can show you how to export that from your Google Doc. Just remind me about that in your coaching call.

I've got one of those too. :-)

In this case, I'd recommend creating a duplicate, non-precious, version in Google Docs. Preferably stripping formatting too—this will save us a lot of time in your coaching session. 

We'll use the non-formatted version as a safe area to make simple modifications to the content, the actual words of your resumé. You could think of the non-precious version kind of like a resumé sandbox! 

This way, we'll get to play and keep your first copy beautifully formatted. :-)

Just In Case, How to Pick Your Price 

I support financial accessibility and autonomy for all of my customers and clients. Many offerings have either tiered or sliding scale pricing options. 

Even if you have financial needs or your budget feels a little tight, we ask that you pick your price while considering your finances and ours (below) with honesty, integrity, and the following overlapping factors:

  • economic sustainability 
  • racial privilege
  • relative earning potential
  • access to personal financial support (family/spouse/network/credit score)

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