IAT: Implicit Association Tests


About The Implicit Association Tests

Implicit bias is unintentional and automatic. It affects us more than we realize. It's not abnormal to be shocked or embarrassed by the results of these 15 Implicit Association Tests.

Please remember that the results do not define you, but they can empower you with better decision-making skills. This is why I highly recommend that everyone take these tests, especially my clients and other trauma survivors.

The IAT tests are offered by Harvard University and the results benefit research conducted by the University of Washington, University of Virginia, Harvard University, and Yale University. 

Take the IATs Here

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As of July 9, 2022 and in no particular order, the Implicit Association Tests available are as follows:

  1. Gender - Science
  2. Sexuality ('Gay - Straight' IAT)
  3. Religion ('Religions' IAT) 
  4. Arab-Muslim ('Arab Muslim - Other People' IAT)
  5. Native American ('Native - White American' IAT)
  6. Race ('Black - White' IAT)
  7. Gender - Career
  8. Weight ('Fat - Thin' IAT)
  9. Skin-tone ('Light Skin - Dark Skin' IAT)
  10. Age ('Young - Old' IAT)
  11. Asian American ('Asian - European American' IAT)
  12. Weapons ('Weapons - Harmless Objects' IAT)
  13. Transgender ('Transgender People - Cisgender People' IAT)
  14. Presidents ('Presidential Popularity' IAT)
  15. Disability ('Physically Disabled – Physically Abled' IAT)
MAIA: Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness
ProQOL Assessment: Professional Quality of Life


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