MAIA: Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness


Interoception is the ability to identify, access, understand, and respond to the patterns and signals inside your body. This can happen consciously or unconsciously AND for many, it's a skill that can be learned and/or improved.

The MAIA assessment is one of many ways to track the progress of trauma resilience-building skills.

About the MAIA:

This questionnaire was funded by the National Institute of Health (NCCAM/NCCIH) and is available in the public domain. (Hooray for freely sharing healthcare & science!) A good way to think of the MAIA is as a science-approved measuring stick for your interoception skills. 


  • The 32 questions are divided into 8 sections for your ease.
  • After submitting your answers, you'll receive a copy of your answers via email.
  • (To maintain full anonymity, you may print the assessment and self-scoring via the .pdf)


Your confirmation screen will have further information about self-scoring, if that's something you're interested in. Otherwise, clients can discuss their scores in an upcoming client call. :-)

More information on the MAIA, related scholarly studies, and related resources are available here:

MAIA ©2012, University of California San Francisco

Take the MAIA Assessment Here (FREE!)

BDI-II: Beck Depression Inventory
IAT: Implicit Association Tests


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