ProQOL Assessment: Professional Quality of Life


About the Professional Quality of Life Assessment

The ProQOL is a self-administered assessment with 30 questions total, for understanding your balance of positive and negative personal and work experiences. The tool was originally created by Beth Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D. 

"It is intended for any helper - health care professionals, social service workers, teachers, attorneys, emergency response, etc. Understanding the positive and negative aspects of helping those who experience trauma and suffering can improve your ability to help them and your ability to keep your own balance." ~  

It is absolutely applicable for many other work environments too. If you aren't in a "helping profession" like the ones listed above, you can replace the wording of the questions with whatever is appropriate for you and your profession. (i.e., person, customer, client, employee, patient, etc.)

This assessment is a particularly good one to take bi-annually, to keep an eye on burnout or overall work satisfaction levels.

Take the ProQOL Here

The American Veterinary Medical Association generously prepared this online version of the PROQOL assessment tool to make your experience easier. Your individual responses and results will remain anonymous. The AVMA will see only cumulative responses from all users.

No email address is required to take this assessment.

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