Memory & Memoir Resources


Memory is self-reflective and constantly evolving. The more we collectively learn about it, the less we collectively solely rely on it to make decisions (i.e., court decisions). Below are links to resources about the topic of memory and memoirs that I find helpful to reference during various moments with clients.

Memory 101

How Elizabeth Loftus Changed the Meaning of Memory The New Yorker (long-form article)
Memory and Forgetting
Radiolab (podcast episode)
Are Your Memories Real? Hidden Brain (podcast episode)
Remember More, Forget Less Hidden Brain (podcast episode)

Despite our ever-changing imprints of the past, this doesn’t change the value of our precious or horrific memories. This is especially true when we are in the pursuit of understanding who we are today. Furthermore, hearing those memories shared by others can be invaluable.

Memoirs 101

8 Benefits of Reading Memoirs Memory Writers Network (blog post)
Read Memoirs to Understand Character Motivation The Write Practice (blog post)
Of Memoir & Memory: We need better critical tools for discussing the genre (long-form article)

Dear Congress: Ensure Excellence in Mental Health


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