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Dear Fellow Neurodivergent,

On this page are some of the self-hosted and outside resources that I frequently reference while working with professionals and business owners who are neurodivergent, like me and you! 

Everything on this page is freely available because:

  1. Trauma suuuuuuucks, doesn't it?! I like helping whenever I can.
  2. You're my kinda people! (I'm a trauma survivor & neurodivergent too!)
  3. I'm always down to commiserate with clients when they need to laugh or vent about the latest spectrum of hilarity because, LOL, I get it. 

I don't do "sales calls," but if you ever want to schedule a coffee/tea chat, I'd absolutely be down for something like that, click here for the scheduling link.

~ Emily Ann Peterson

Founding Director

Peterson Resilience Consulting

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Neurodivergent YouTube Playlist 

Watch the favorites all in a row—I update these and add to them regularly, so come back later too!

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Podcast Episodes

The podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, featured some truly wonderful people over the years. I've collected some of the archived episodes which I think folks like you might *particularly* enjoy. ;-)

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Scholarly Articles & Online Resources

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Awesome Neurodiversity Products

  • Fidget Rings—made by a small business jeweler in Canada! (Check the shop description for coupon)
  • Flare earplugs—comfy in the ears to reduce sounds and focus on the important ones, $25
  • Shokz headphones—they don't go inside your ears; I wear these alllll the time and love them soo much, prices vary


Neurodiversity + Entrepreneurship

Career Development

Handy Links for Neurotypicals

  • The Spoon Theory—available in .pdf format and English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew translations too! 
  • Autism 101 from Spectrum News