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I'm so pumped to get all of this started, !

These sessions are about you as a whole person — your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, career, and of course, your business and/or career. In the coming weeks, you and I will design a plan that is specific to your needs and aspirations. 

To give you a heads up, I like to begin with new clients by focusing on:

  • Educating you on trauma’s effects on your day-to-day life and strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Building your self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Identifying your strengths and current resources (internally & externally sourced)
  • Most importantly, creating clarity about 's business/career goals so that your personal objectives are known to both of us :-)

During our first meeting, I’ll ask you a few more questions to get us acquainted, and we’ll explore your goals, strengths, values, passions, and sense of work/life balance. We’ll design how we want to work together and your requests of me.

Extra clarity about a few things:

Confidentiality: Unless we've discussed otherwise, our relationship is completely confidential. I will not reveal the content of our coaching sessions to anyone. This is sacred. I deeply respect your willingness and openness to be truthful with me. Our mutual trust in each other is paramount in this relationship.

Our conversation: Ours might be different from conversations that you have with others. I will usually not talk about myself during coaching, except as it might further your discovery. This is in honor of you and the commitment you are making to yourself to gain all you can from it. This keeps each session focused on you and releases you from any need to be polite or ask about my life. Speaking of...

I am neurodivergent! My racecar brain and eagle vision can be a superpower for many of my clients. That said, if I ever talk too fast or use a metaphor that doesn't make sense, or if I get too detailed about something in a session, you have my 100% pre-granted permission to interrupt me, ask me to change my methods or switch gears. I'm happy to adapt and make these sessions as accessible as possible!

Rights & Responsibilities: Accountability for moving yourself forward lies with you, and responsibility for providing the insight and support lies with me. I can only provide support if there is clear communication between the two of us. If you ever have a question about these, our roles and responsibilities are always listed publicly in the client agreement here. This brings me to the next point...

If I ever say or do something that upsets you or does not feel right, please bring it up. I understand how uncomfortable this task can seem for some, but I promise to affirm your decision to speak up! Beyond that, I will want to do whatever I can to resolve or address it.

Time: We will begin and end our calls on time in honor of our commitment. I prefer to be generous with my time, but this is not always possible. I will make a point of telling you if I'm able to go over our session length so as to respect your time too. Otherwise, sometimes we may seem to be done early. Typically, I will keep you in the session and give you the opportunity to move to something else. It is often intriguing what comes up in those last few moments.

Booking Appointments: By now, you've probably already booked your next session. If you haven't, this is the link to the ✨magically-appearing scheduling FAQ page✨ unless you're logged in, that link will only work from *this* email. Fancy, huh?

Schedule: You'll receive appointment reminders via Google Meet. These will have your private session link. If you are early (or I’m a moment late), I may be completing another call. Please simply wait on the video call. In our busy lives, each of us will occasionally need to move a session. I will extend to you the same courtesy and give you as much advance notice as possible. If you need to reschedule, a link to do that is available in your event reminder email from Google. Please note: A missed or rescheduled call without 48-hour notice is considered forfeited. 

Commitment: You may experience a time in which you question your commitment to coaching. It's not uncommon to encounter this somewhere in the first 1-3 months.

From previous experience with other clients, I've known this to be a very valuable time, especially for those who are willing to be transparent about whatever may be coming up. Often, this period is also related to a client's history of trauma and presents fruitful conversation if a client is willing to engage.

With all of that in mind and the 30-day heads-up notice in our client agreement, you are in charge of deciding how long we get to work together, not me.

My Role as Your Coach/Consultant: You Can Count on Me To...

  • Be completely honest and forthcoming with you, even if some insights may be difficult for me to share and difficult for you to hear.
  • Continuously ask you evocative questions to explore the issues and challenges that you wish to address.
    • You are the most knowledgeable expert about your own life. You are your own tremendous resource: creative, insightful, wise, and fully competent to answer your own questions and come to solutions. My job is to evoke that! I will offer my advice, guidance, and resources only when it’s warranted.
  • Serve as an objective listener, observer, sounding board, and “mirror” to help you see your life, your issues, and your situation from another objective vantage point.
  • Hold you accountable for the goals and priorities you set and raise it as a point of discussion when you aren’t accountable.
  • Celebrate and honor you as you move through the steps and milestones you set for yourself.

Let's go!

~ Emily Ann Peterson


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