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 Sliding Scale; $100-$200 per session


Reasons You Might Need a Piece of Cake:

Well, first. Because duh! You deserve a piece of cake! But more urgently, if you’ve spent the last *cough cough* hours staring at a blank page and blinking cursor. It's likely that one or more of the following has also happened:

  • Your web designer lovingly (and persistently?) winked in this direction after the words "tongue-tied" or "writer's block" were uttered from your direction.

  • Your bank account tells you that folks never stick around for the "Buy Now" button.

  • Your client calendar tells you you’re as popular as a porcupine at a petting zoo.

  • Your resumé is a snooze fest but "sleeping on the job" is obviously not a desirable skill

Words are the eggs, flour, butter, and sugar of your business & career success. 

(or quinoa, broccoli, and kale for all the health-nuts out there!)

Simply put, the lack of words might be the only thing holding your career back from being the best thing since Beyonce's birth announcement.

So if you're...

  • beginning to see those blinking cursors even with your eyes closed
  • less than confident with your writing (or marketing) skills than you care to admit
  • or simply wanting a professional wordsmith’s take on a draft of something you’ve already created.

Then your new secret weapon might be a

Piece of Cake Writing Session!

 Piece of Cake Selections: 

Choose from any of the following projects or suggest your own idea in the scheduling questionnaire!


Press Kit

Help them help you. Make it easy for the press to put your best foot forward!  This writing session is a marketer's take on your current press bio, tagline, photos, and relevant links or work samples.


Resumé Rewrites

Bring a current draft of your most recent CV or resumé. Let's craft each line to reflect the pinnacle of your professionalism and make it read like "Hired!"


LinkedIn Profiles

It's all about those keywords! With your next career goal in mind, let's buff up your current LinkedIn profile for a supreme season of networking.



Think of it like the website's butler. Folks need to know they’re in the right place and if they should take off their shoes before entering. 


Service Page

This summary of each service offering also hints at what makes you different and why your customers should pick you.


Sales Page

The deep-dive on a particular product or service. It gets the center-stage spotlight. (Hint: You're reading a sales page now.)

Emily Ann Peterson - photo by Rah Foard (64 of 69)

Hi! I'm Emily Ann Peterson

I have an MBA from the University of Wyoming and a bunch of other certifications and credentials. Badass (yet sometimes bashful) business owners and career professionals around the world trust me to help their words rise from the overwhelmed or sleeping dead.

I'm the founding director of Resilience Consulting Group and the bestselling author of Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous. Fortune500 companies, tech startups, and other small business owners have hired me to perform, speak, and consult on their feats of bravery.

Plus, I keep my writing skills razor sharp and I probably know how to use your fear like a lawnmower. 

Words aren't fluff. Words turn the bashful into the BOLD. 

Piece of Cake Writing Sessions

These collaborative writing sessions typically last 90 minutes or until the project is complete, whichever comes first!


Sliding Scale Prices:

$100-$200 per session

Book Your Session(s) Here

How to Get a Piece of Cake:

  1. Make your purchase & fill out the questionnaire. Hooray for fun multiple-choice questions! Three cheers for incomplete sentences and brain dumps! It’ll take about the same length of time as having tea with your grandma or happy hour drinks with your BFF.

  2. Reserve a 90-minute block of writing time in our calendar. This is the maximum duration of your project and reserves enough time in the calendar, should your project take more time than usual (less than 90 minutes).

  3. At the scheduled time, click the link in your confirmation email to open the Google Meet link. Emily Ann Peterson will be on the other end and have some follow-up questions. Then, together, we'll get to roll up our sleeves, tie back our hair, and sharpen our digital pencils. Emily Ann will do most of the writing—you get to sit back and be available for additional questions, if needed.

    • Previous clients describe it as “How did you do that?!” and “Whaaa? That’s magical!”

  4. Receive a Google Doc with your final copy. You’ll then have an expertly-edited, crystal clear collection of words ready for the world to see!


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything we've ever answered about our Piece of Cake Writing Sessions and more!

Of course! Just make sure to mention this in the questionnaire and I'll “tone it down.” Whatever we write together will feature your best assets in service of your goal for each piece of copy.

Your final Google doc will include suggestions and potential alterations to crank up or turn down the volume on certain aspects of your copy.

Great! and absolutely, YES. You do need to fill out the questionnaire.

The Piece of Cake Copy questionnaire is designed to create an optimal, time-tested, approved collection of words that do the work for you. I've found that it's best for everyone to start from that questionnaire.

Excellent question. Our Piece of Cake Copy Sessions are designed for clients in a time crunch who need something amazing from the get-go. So they can, well, get going!

Fret not, perfectionists! (We see you!) Piece of Cake Copy Sessions are not the traditional copywriting experience. Since our prices do not include revisions, you're welcome to book additional sessions.

Piece of Cake Copy is a collaborative, virtual writing process via Google Meet. Throughout your session there is plenty of opportunity to check-in or speak up about the direction of your project. Since prices do not include revisions, you're always welcome to book additional sessions.

This service is intended for folks who are totally fed up with the writing process or overwhelmed by projects like updating their resume or launching their website. Many clients get inspired after a session and keep writing or editing—more power to ya!

Regardless, you’ll receive a Google Doc with our professional take and a few options for alterations. 

By all means! Go for it! Click any one of the purchase buttons and you’ll be prompted to add as many additional pages as you’d like. 

Note: Each selection includes a writing session in Emily Ann's calendar which you DO need to attend. For example, 4 pages = 4 writing sessions.

That’s up to you and your deadlines.

However, the writing calendar can fill up quickly, so scheduling sooner is safer. After submitting your questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to block out a time in our calendar.

Note: The questionnaire *does* need to be completed prior to your session.

In case you like to be extra prepared, here's a break-down of the tech required for your Piece of Cake Session:

During your Piece of Cake Session, we'll simultaneously collaborate on a Google Doc during our Google Meet video call. Your document will be in a Google doc format, so it’s good to be a little familiar with how that works. (Here's a pretty good tutorial if you need it.) It’s pretty intuitive for most folks accustomed to Word docs.

If you need your final document in a different format, like .docx, you can export that from your Google Doc. 

The collaborative writing sessions for Piece of Cake typically lasts 90 minutes or until the project is complete, whichever comes first. 

We'll work smart, not long & hard—we get the job done! 

When you're ready, we're here to help!

Let's make life sweeter, together.

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