Hi! I'm Emily Ann Peterson, MBA

I'm a business consultant and career coach for brave survivors who are still coping with the long-term effects of trauma. I also love supporting fellow helpers & healers like you too!

Mental health professionals are modern heroes. All the emotional labor that you give to your clients requires an immense amount of bravery. Working with clients like you repeatedly shows the world that ethical marketing practices can give us all:

  • greater economic sustainability
  • increase in physical & emotional energy
  • lower rates of burn-out & compassion fatigue

It is my hope that this Ethical Marketing Circle can be a place of rejuvenation, camaraderie, and growth for you and your colleagues. 

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Ethical marketing practices are increasingly crucial to running a sustainable mental health business. Mental health clients rely on a foundation of trust, consent, accessibility, inclusion, and privacy. 

Those in attendance agree to:

  • respect the privacy (and anonymity, if requested) of other attendees
  • hold each other accountable to ethical marketing practices
  • discover and listen to our unique perspectives as business owners
  • raise the industry standard of ethics for client-based mental health services

Note: While this monthly circle is intended for mental health professionals (therapists, counselors, social workers, etc.) business owners from other industries or fields are also welcome to participate. Our discussion topics will remain anchored in ethical marketing practices for client-based mental health services. 

Monthly Discussion Topics

  1. January: Marketing Practices for Compassion Fatigue
  2. February: Value-Based Models for Business Decisions
  3. March: Boundaries—Enforcing & Reinforcing, or Not At All?
  4. April: Ethical Strategies for Cultivating Cash Flow
  5. May: Protecting Privacy—Challenges & Solutions
  6. June: Identifying Cognitive Dissonance in Your Biz
  7. July: Empowering Equitable Care & Accessibility
  8. August: Social Media Solutions & Ideas
  9. September: Inclusive Pricing & Scalability Strategies 
  10. October: Prioritizing Consent-Based Marketing 
  11. November: Press & Publicity Ideas for Client Acquisition
  12. December: SEO that Builds Client-Therapist Trust 


Frequently Asked Questions

We begin meetings with a round of "celebrations" to practice the bravery of self-promotion and a round of "sorry's" to practice accountability through vulnerability. This is followed by a mix of facilitated discussion, group activities, and break-out rooms for partnered brainstorming. 

Our discussion circles are loosely conducted according to a set of nonhierarchical guidelines from The Circle Way. Members are required to read and agree to meet according to these guidelines.

In brief, one volunteer attendee co-hosts by helping to "guard the circle" and share in monitoring the group's need for pauses in the discussion. "Pauses" are simply an opportunity for attendees to breathe and create space in discussion for processing big feelings or big ideas. Any group member may "call for a pause" if desired.

Each meeting ends with a grounding practice led by a volunteer group member. 

Simply put, you'll get 90 minutes of facilitated discussion around our topic of the month.

You'll also receive...

  • ongoing accountability from like-minded colleagues, via access to our online group forum
  • personalized support and guidance, via a link to submit questions in advance
  • easy, sustainable ideas for growing your practice of ethical business!

I do not provide replays of our meetings or these group discussions.

This is for several reasons: to encourage "in-person" attendance, protect privacy of attendees, and foster an ideal learning environment for all group members.

Upon confirmation of your seat reservation, you'll be directed to agree to our groups guidelines and your rights and responsibilities after which, a secret Zoom link and other information will soon magically appear in your email inbox.

At the appropriate time, you'll click the super secret Zoom link to join the Ethical Marketing Circle Meetup. We ask that you join us from a quiet-ish place on your laptop or desktop computer to minimize distractions for other group members. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Of course!

After selecting the registration price for their seat (drop-in or recurring) you'll see an option to select the check box on your order form for "This product is for someone else." When that box is selected, a form will appear to enter your friend's contact information for that seat registration. 

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“Emily Ann, you’re amazing! I learned so much and have literally wasted thousands and thousands on other online courses which made so many promises that were not kept. I learned more truly impactful ways to improve my business in an hour with you than I have with others over the course of several months!”

CEO of JLN Cosmetics

Peterson Resilience Consulting

“Emily Ann has an amazing knack for helping people turn their website from a placeholder to a functioning tool for an indie businessperson. She not only got me to change my site, she got me to change my thinking around what I was offering people and helped me see value in things I could offer that I take for granted”

singer-songwriter & founder of the Secret Emchy Society

Peterson Resilience Consulting

“Once I pushed through my own resistance to holding on to my precious website copy, I realized the benefit of Emily Ann’s advice for brevity and power-packed content. I was able to quickly adopt and adapt her advice and I love the results! Emily’s style is friendly, warm, personal, and supportive. She’s “been there, done that” and revels along the way.”

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