COVID-19 Rescue & Resource Guide

For when it feels like you're drowning

(or just bored out of your gourd...)

These resources & ideas* will save the day!

*Updated regularly   



Business Owners | Job Seekers | Artists & Musicians | Kids & Parents

Mental Health | Physical Health | Creative Health | Relationships

Volunteers & Philanthropists |  Activists


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For Business Owners...

(of any size!)

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For Job-Seekers...

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For Artists & Musicians...

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For Mental Health... 

  • Disaster Distress Helpline | Call 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746.The Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH) provides crisis counseling and support for anyone in the U.S. experiencing distress or other behavioral health concerns related to any natural or human-caused disaster, including public health emergencies.
  • Warmlines | Unlike a hotline for those in immediate crisis, Warmlines provide early intervention with emotional support that can prevent a crisis. The lines are typically free, confidential peer-support services staffed by those who have experienced mental health conditions themselves.
  • Free Webinars from The School of Bravery | Take a class on us! Learn to use your fear to get what you want, eradicate your starving artist mindset, and listen to ALL the guest expert interviews!
  • Brené Brown on Anxiety | This podcast episode from her show Unlocking Us has some fantastic things to say about over-functioning and under-functioning during times of stress, trauma, and anxiety.
  • Rob Bell & Kristen Bell on Not Fighting The Feelings | We're all dealing with grief and transition. Holy bejeesus! This podcast episode of The RobCast and conversation between husband and wife has some excellent gold nuggets.
  • Mental Health America's Resource Guide | Resources for reducing stress, anxiety and maintaining mental health during the crisis.
  • Free and Low Cost Support for Individuals Living With Eating Disorders | The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) compiled free and low cost support options offer ways to connect with others and provide tools to promote recovery.
  • Shrink Speak: COVID-19 Crisis | In this special three-part COVID-19 Crisis series, Dr. Lieberman of Columbia University speaks with renowned experts who have expertise in relevant disciplines that pertain to this COVID-19 pandemic. (Part 1Part 2Part 3)

  • When Home Becomes The Workplace: Mental Health And Remote Work | A Forbes article by Garen Staglin, Co-founder and Chairman of One Mind at Work, on how to avoid the common negative mental health effects of working from home.
  • Mental Health Screening Tools | One of the quickest and easiest ways to tell if you are experiencing a mental health condition is to take an online screen. MHA has nine different screening tools for mental health conditions on our site, including anxiety.
  • /r/COVID19-support | This is a subreddit offering help and support for those feeling overwhelmed by the news on COVID19.
  • In The Rooms | In The Rooms is a free online recovery tool that offers 130 weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues.
  • Minding Mental Health When You're Working From Home | In this free(?) workshop, you'll learn these experts tips on staying connected when you’re working at home and managing all of the anxieties—both ambient and individual—of our current moment in history.

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For Physical Health... 

  • Center for Disease Control & Prevention | Latest updates on symptoms, prevention suggestions, what to do if you're sick, and their recommendations for keeping your community safe.
  • COVID-19 Ancillary Costs | The HealthWell Foundation just announced a COVID-19 Fund that provides up to $250 in assistance with ancillary costs associated with COVID-19. Grants awarded through the fund will provide reimbursement assistance to at risk or quarantined individuals for delivered food, medication, telehealth copays and transportation costs associated with COVID-19.
  • Cloth Face Covers | Why they are necessary, how to use them, and a message from the US Surgeon General
  • Dr. K Kwong's DIY Face Mask | A 3-layer surgical mask is enough to prevent the spread of infected droplets. If you can't purchase a mask, then you can sew one with this pattern & instructions.
  • | This 501(c)(3) national non-profit connects people to programs that will help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs.
  • 5 Days of Self-Care from HanaKyle Holistics | For 5 days in a row, you’ll receive a daily email from HanaKyle with a short, practical technique to do whenever and wherever you have 5 minutes to spare.
  • Dancing Alone Together | This is the hub for the digital dance age! Check out their live dance classes streamed online, dance-making prompts, and performance videos for inspiration.

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For Creative Health... 

  • Learn Your Appalachian Roots with Carla Gover | Take a clogging class, Granny Life skills class, or a hammer-claw banjo lesson with award-winning musician and artist, Carla Gover!
  • Dancing Alone Together | This is the hub for the digital dance age! Check out their live dance classes streamed online, dance-making prompts, and performance videos for inspiration.

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For Relationships... 

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For Volunteers & Philanthropists... 

  • Red Cross Blood Donations | Your local blood bank needs your blood! Plus, fully-recovered COVID-19 patients can donate plasma to help current patients-in-need recover faster!
  • Atlanta Survival Program | Help Atlanta neighbors with food, shelter, and sustainable farming!
  • Hands on Nashville | This organization is working closely with the City of Nashville, the Office of Emergency Management, and local health officials to support tornado and COVID-19 relief efforts.
  • Together We Rise | Foster kids and college students without parents need your support right now too.

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For At-Home Activists... 

  • | Simply text the word "RESIST" to 50409. will find out who represents you in Congress or your state legislature, prompt you for your message and then turn your text into an email, fax, or postal letter, and deliver it to your representatives. 1-2-3-Resist!
  • Postcards to Voters | Write postcards to fellow voters to support their local Democratic campaigns!

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For Kids...

(of any age!)