Client Map

beta version; released fall 2021

a customizable marketing strategy map for improving client acquisition & identifying hidden client red flags


Client Map + 3 Private Sessions: $750

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3 Steps to Customizing Your Client Map:

🗺 Your client adventure begins now! 🗺


In this first coaching session, we'll walk through the settings for your customized Client Map (i.e. red flags, green flags, etc.) We'll lay out your first homework assignment and a game plan for collecting historical client data as easy as possible. This is required before our 2nd session. A La Carte sessions are available as optional add-ons if you'd like more time or support.

🚩Red flags you'll want to collect! 🚩


In your second coaching session, we dive into your "red flag client checklist." This list is personalized to you, your trauma triggers, and your business history to ensure maximum chill for everyone, your clients included! From there, we dip our toes into outlining your extended "client stories." Finishing these two projects is your homework before our final session. 

💎 Let's find the gems in your biz! 💎


In your final coaching session, we weave together all the historical data you've collected into a cohesive picture of your trauma-approved "green light" client! We'll rope off any potential danger zones in your business for "red flag" clients, and dig up the any secret identifiers in your marketing strategy for both types. (The buried treasure!) You'll be in the perfect spot to make exponential client improvement!


Access to cold, hard facts (in this case, historical client data) is especially important.

Sometimes our trauma-filtered decisions can have less-than-ideal consequences. Here's how that goes down:

During a trauma survivor's triggered moments, the "Trauma Tadpole" brain—the amygdala—plays emergency warning sirens, but if "Memory Mona"—the hippocampus—gets overwhelmed by those sirens or stuck on a loop, then she stops presenting information or presents incorrect info to our "Notorious RBG"—the neocortex—who is responsible for making logical decisions with whatever information is available.

Empirically-proven information makes it easier for a trauma survivor to avoid building a trauma-triggered, impulsively-constructed business and instead make confident, grounded decisions based on facts.

Reliable information creates a confident, holistic, and value-based business.

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The Client Map *Also* Includes:

  • Instant Scheduling Link: Upon purchase, you'll be able to book your sessions in the calendar ASAP!
  • Digital Worksheets: Each digital worksheet is reusable and provided during your coaching sessions. The files are accessible via Google Sheets.
  • 1 Year of Updates: As we improve the Client Compass, your purchase grants access to any new versions with updates for a year. You'll have lifetime access to whichever version you download—pending our copyright, terms & conditions, of course.

The worksheets do all the work, so you get to kick back and enjoy your business!

water pool above cross shape

More Tools! Fewer Rules!

It's easy to think that we're broken and doing everything wrong. In my professional (and personal) experience, trauma survivors rarely need more rules or hoops to jump through. 

We're perfectly capable and competent on our own! After all, we did survive our traumas! 

The catch-22 of building a business with the skill of trauma survival? Our "trauma-brains" don't know the difference between a life-or-death situation and that intimidating email! 

This is one of the reasons why many trauma survivors realize that we've built a business designed to thrive in "crisis mode." (Oops!) I've lost count of the number people who told me that they woke up one day looking at a never-ending series of uphill battles.

If that's you and you're not quite ready to purchase the Client Map or have additional questions, feel free to send us an email or schedule a Meet-n-Greet here

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