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Anti-Racism Book Circle

Monthly on the 3rd Fridays at 10 am CST

Bravery is ending systemic racism. This donation-based monthly book circle exists to: hold each other accountable to the work of anti-racism, listen to our unique perspectives, and change racism starting from within ourselves first. Due to the sensitive nature of our discussions, we require new members to email us prior to joining.

100% of this book club's donation-based membership fees go to the Black Journalists Therapy Relief Fund (BJTRF) in partnership with the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF).

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Courageously Creative Book Club

On Hiatus!   

Bravery is expanding freedom of expression. This group of like-minded creatives meets weekly to discuss their creative careers, the practicalities of making money with art, and the bravery of putting yourself out there as an artist in any form or industry.

In addition to the weekly chapter discussions, attendees receive group coaching and career guidance by Emily Ann Peterson, songwriter & author of bestselling Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous.


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Anti-Burnout Book Club

On Hiatus!

Bravery is doing things differently. Our society expects increasingly high amounts of productivity and hustle. Your industry colleagues might preach about the rewards from hard work. You might feel worthless if you're not "doing something". But that's a sure-fire highway to burn-out, overwhelm, overwork, and generally frazzled.

This book circle is for anyone who wants to learn how to rest, recoup, and reboot endurance! We believe that resilience, ease, and flow are the ultimate forms of activism and resistance. The goal is to gather to nourish, guide, and rejuvenate our brave resistance to a world that demands more from us every day. 

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