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Burnout = Martyrdom

Capitalism, trauma, and toxic gender roles are so deeply ingrained in our way of being, that we are all too willing to work ourselves to the bone, often literally. 

Our Anti-Burnout Book Club is for those who want to explore rest, resilience, and endurance. The goal is to gather to nourish, guide, and rejuvenate our brave resistance to a world that demands more from us every day. 

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Creativity + Sustainability = Anti-Burnout

Western society expects increasingly high amounts of productivity and hustle. Your industry colleagues might preach about the rewards from hard work. You might feel worthless if you're not "doing something". But that's a sure-fire highway to burn-out, overwhelm, overwork, and generally frazzled. 

  • We believe that pleasure, ease, and flow are the ultimate forms of activism and resistance.
  • We believe that bravely making this world a better place begins from a place of camaraderie and sustainability. 
  • We are committed to staying laser-focused on the issues worthy of our full attention and creative passions. 

Book Pacing

We typically discuss one chapter each week. (Super manageable!) We value attendance over reading speed. So even if you haven't read the week's chapter there's no shame!

When a book is finished, we vote on the next book and typically take 1-2 weeks off between each book.

Meetings & Group Coaching

Our meetings are weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm Central via Google Meet. Meetings are between 60-75 minutes long.

Group coaching is facilitated by Emily Ann Peterson and using concepts from her book, Bare Naked Bravery, members of this book circle get to read and discuss books, articles, or other media pieces. 

"Homework" is optional. Attendance is recommended. There are no replays.

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Books We Love

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Note: When possible, we love to refer folx to because they support your local bookstore! Many of the books we choose are also available as Audiobooks too. Cool huh?!

Psst! Emily Ann's book is here!

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