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The School of Bravery supports financial accessibility and autonomy to all of our customers and clients. Many of our offerings have either tiered or sliding scale pricing options. 

There is no application process or other hoops to jump through. This is offered on an honor system. At checkout (below) you’re asked to share one sentence about why you self-selected that price. I ask this to make sure the program is working as intended.

3 Steps to Picking Your Price

Consider My Finances

I am white, unmarried, college-educated, neurodivergent, and I have two fur babies. I don't receive tax benefits for my choice to not own a home or remain child-free. I live and work holistically within my means, which allows me to operate my life and business credit-card-free. For example, my 2019 personal income was around $27,000. Depending on the year, this amount fluctuates. I've owned my business for well over a decade.

Thanks 100% to government student loans, I am pursuing my Masters in Business Administration with a Graduate Minor in Gender and Women's Studies. I graduate in August of 2022. I anticipate repaying student loans until 2035.

Consider Your Finances

Even if you have financial needs or your budget feels a little tight, I ask that you pick your price while considering my finances and yours with honesty and integrity by using the following overlapping factors:

  • economic sustainability 
  • racial privilege
  • relative earning potential
  • access to personal financial support (family/spouse/network/credit score)

Consider Your Pricing Options

  1. Pay-It-Forward
  2. Standard
  3. Solidarity 

The Standard prices represent our ongoing hourly rate given everything included in the product or service. Each Pay-It-Foward purchase grants Solidarity accessibility to marginalized folx with financial needs. 

Pricing tiers are freely available, meaning you get to pick the one that fits the above considerations best. If you'd like to add an additional donation amount to your selection, there is a spot for that as well.

For more on our pricing options and the reasons behind them, our Financial Accessibility Statement is here.

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Website Checkup

Do have a website? Do you (secretly) worry that all of it or pieces of it suck but you're not sure how to fix it? Or maybe you know your marketing doesn’t do you and your awesome work justice?

Here’s how Website Checkups work: You schedule your session with Emily Ann Peterson. Then join her via Zoom (like Skype, but better.) You’ll chat 1-on-1 about your business and goals, what’s working, what isn’t working. Then she'll share her screen with you to walk through your marketing together.

BOOM! You’ll walk away with a tangible list of tiny but verrrrry powerful improvements to your current marketing strategy or website!

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