Sessions À La Mode

The Peterson Consulting Group supports financial accessibility and autonomy to all of our customers and clients. Many of our offerings have either tiered or sliding scale pricing options. 

There is no application process or other hoops to jump through. This is offered on an honor system. At checkout (below) you’re asked to share one sentence about why you self-selected that price. I ask this to make sure the program is working as intended.


For more on our pricing options and the reasons behind them, our Financial Accessibility Statement is here.

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Sessions À La Mode

Sessions À La Mode are the answer to your flexible scheduling needs. I offer these because some folks like their ice cream on the side, on the top, in a bowl, in a cone, with a spoon, every night, or not at all! Available in bundles of 1, 3, or 6 sessions—each session, you'll get 1-on-1 attention with our founding director, Emily Ann Peterson. 

One-off sessions are perfect if you're seeking guidance and insight for a specific or immediate problem, or if you want to reserve and schedule occasional sessions in our calendar. 

After paying for your session(s) and agreeing to your rights and responsibilities as a client/student, you'll receive an email with a scheduling link. You'll have 30 days to book your session(s).

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