Tidying Session

Tidying Session with Emily Ann Peterson

I normally charge $200/hour for my coaching. But I also know there are many of you who've sent me "pick-your-brain" kind of questions and may not need or want a full, face-to-face coaching session!

A Tidying Session is a phone call. The catch is that I’ll be tidying while we chat.  You’ll hear the tinkling of dishes, the water running as I scrub my sink, doors opening, and closing, etc. Our conversation will have a more casual tone to it than my full consulting sessions. And if the 45-minute tidying session goes well, I'd love to get a testimonial from you.

  1. No written or online materials before or during the call. It must be something we can do while I tidy. I am doing this to get away from spending time on the screen. If we can’t talk about it while my hands are deep in the suds doing dishes, then it’s not going to work as a Tidying Session.
  2. Have realistic expectations about what can be achieved in a 45-minute phone call. I'm flattered that you may think I could perform miracles, but thinking that I can fix something that has caused issues for years within less than an hour is unrealistic. If you are coming with expectations such as this, please don’t book a session. Please go and find someone else to be disappointed by.

What I can offer is the very real likelihood of modest but meaningful progress in whatever you bring. That seems to happen consistently. This is just you and I chatting for an hour. That’s all. A 45-min phone call might not seem like much on the surface but it might just be something deeply worthwhile.

How to Get Started: 

If this is of interest to you, choose your price for your tidying session with me. There is an option to add an additional donation if you'd like. Click here for additional details on how to pick your price. When your purchase is complete, you'll receive a link via email to schedule your 45-min chat with me. There's no pressure to ever sign up for another. 

See you soon!


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p.s. If you want to record your Tidying Session on your phone or device, that’s fine by me. Then you can go back to it or listen over again, some people find this helpful, regardless, I leave the details of this up to you.

p.p.s. This idea has done so well, big thanks to my colleague, Tad Hargraves, for the idea and push to create this!

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Tidying Session

You've got questions to clear up about your life, career, and creativity? Maybe you've got some marketing questions? Or you'd like to know the best way to automate a certain piece of your life. Well, Emily Ann's got a house to Marie Kondo! Let's join forces! Reserve your spot in Emily Ann's calendar today!

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